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How the year has changed my viewpoints.  It’s been that long since I’ve posted a blog.  But unlike others, there are no promises of doing better, only actually DOING better. 

Things have changed since the last post.  Gear has been upgraded.  Projects have closed and new ones have been added, and new ideas and a new look on the career have taken over my thoughts.

First, End Result has now debuted and is out to the public.  We were nominated for 4 Indie Intertube awards and we were very fortunate to launch the series on KoldCastTV.  Those that watched the show have really enjoyed it.  Not bad for a show with a budget of $2500 for an action show.  I was happy that those that did see it really had nice things to say about it and even garnered a couple of awards nominations for actor Seth Caskey and Rob Gokee.  These are two people that really elevated the show to another level with their talent.  A huge round of applause to all those that worked hard to make this an awesome show.

Next up for me this last year was my first commercial.  It was for Ketel One vodka.  Although the commercial didn’t get used, I still love how it turned out and I worked with some awesome actors on it.  This is something I could really enjoy doing, shooting commercials.

I worked with Jenn Page a couple times this last year.  An amazing filmmaker and someone who I admire quite a bit.  She’s out there making it work and pushing hard to develop a career.  She’s a real inspiration and she managed to get me onto IMDB for the first time with one of the projects I slightly helped with.  She’s been someone to watch and use as motivation with all that she’s doing.

So what was up for me next?  Another webseries.  This one was going to be different from End Result, and the script that came out was called “REPLACED.”  This was my most ambitious scripts that I had ever written and something that I was proud about.  I actually sent this script out to Mark Gantt asking for advice on how to proceed.  This was before it was even finished, but I thought at the time that I was asking for advice and inadvertently ended up pitching it to him to produce and star in.  First off, I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for Mark.  His show “The Bannen Way” really set the bar for web series and he showed that someone with determination could take an idea to the majors and get them to sign-on for it.  I loved the show and his work in it, and after attending his career workshop, which I HIGHLY recommend, I found him to be a really nice and giving person.  He gave me some great advice and even though we’re not working together on the project, I’m very happy with the direction the show has gone.  I have an amazing team on this show.  Allison Vanore is producing it, and I’ve been wanting to work with her for some time and this just clicked.  Rob Gokee is scoring this one, and I love working with Rob.  He’s such a cool and genuine guy and that’s rare for this racket.  His scores are amazing and he always brings his “A game.”  Laurie Records brought in a cast of people that are really going to knock the socks off the web series world and REPLACED is going to come out screaming for attention. 

During my off time, I’ve been working with Jorge Bicer on commercial stuff with Boom Boom Media and he’s just a fun guy to work with.  We click when we work together and it’s always a fun, stress free shoot when we’re together.

That was my year.  I’ll get to the gear post next.  Things changed a lot in the gear world since last year, and I’m excited I caught up with the times.


Here we are in 2010.  A new year full of hopes and promises.  Most of you know that I love working in film.  I’ve not “made it” yet, but 2009 was my year to work as hard as I could to try to live my dream.  I’ve been in the low/no budget film world for a while now and I’m going to share what I’ve learned over the last year in hopes that it sparks something in someone to take it upon themselves to create their own film and live their dream. 

2009 started with a project called “End Result.”  This was a single 5 minute short film and shooting commenced in January.  I co-directed and wrote the story with James Callahan.  Seth Caskey came in to play our main protagonist, Reece Simmons.  Togba Norris played the antagonist, Merrek Vaughn.  Watching these two in action was amazing, and before we knew it, the day was over.  The production was not without its problems, but we had a lot of fun with this, and the cast was great, so we decided to make this a web series.  Thus, “End Result: the web series” was born.

This series would be shot on an extremely small budget.  I think Part 1 cost us $150 to shoot, most of which went to food and guns for the shoot.  We found a location that we didn’t have to pay for and wrangled up crew we didn’t have to spend money on, or much money.  This was the first shoot that I ran the camera for.  All my other shoots I had a DP, camera people, grips, gaffers, but this was lean and mean.  There was none of that.  I setup and assembled every piece of gear myself.  It was tough, but a very eye-opening shoot.  I was involved in a world I’ve not been in.  Requiring a ton of post production work, and immersing myself in the world of CGI thanks to Adobe After Effects.

Over the course of the next few months, scripts for “End Result: Part 2 and Part 3” came into being.  New cast members were added and we went to work creating our own world.  James and I were going to direct our own episodes of the series, all the while co-editing the first episode that was already “in the can.”  Or so we thought…